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Download Instrumentals

Our System to Buy Instrumentals & Download Instrumentals is very easy to use: Listen to the Instrumentals on the Beat Player, Choose the Instrumentals that you like then just click on the checkboxes next to the Instrumentals That you want to buy or lease. If you choose more than one instrumentals you will see discounts applying automatically, that's right we offer great deals to those who want to download more than one instrumental. Click on the Buy Now button, you will be redirected to PayPal for payment. After Payment you will receive a Download Instrumentals link to your email.If you want to get some A&R's attention you need to have professional product that sounds as good as possible because they will not listen more than 2 seconds if your song is not mixed right and if your beat doesn't start good. So don't be an amateur & start today listening to the best tracks you will get for this price.

Rap Beats / Dirty South Beats

Many Southern artists (Slim Thug, Lil Flip, Big Pokey, Kikrko Bangz, E-Class,..) works with Producer / Engineer Swiss Boy for their Rap Beats. There is many Rap Beats selling websites outthere but how many do you know works with industry artists? NOT MANY! The reason is industry artists don't trust these websites just because they are known for selling wack Rap Beats that does not sound like a good Rap Beat that they will wanna use for their album or even for their mixtapes. is different from these other websites and it's not hard to tell: just listen to the high quality of the Rap Beats we provide. Each Rap Beats are mixed professionally before uploaded the Beat Player that way you get the best quality Rap Beats before you go in the booth to record to it. But if you still want the tracked out wav files or Pro Tools session to take it to another studio they are available for purchase on the Mix / Master page.

Hip Hop Instrumentals

If you are a real Hip Hop head that like that Raw Hip Hop instrumentals then is the right place for you. Swiss Boy is not new to making Hip Hop Instrumentals.That's right he started making Hip Hop Instrumentals in 1995 when Hard Hip Hop instrumentals was what everybody wanted. But he then evolved with time and even the Hip Hop instrumentals he makes now still have that boom bap feel but always with a new school touch. He has worked with many east coast artists as well (Hell Rell / Group Home / A- Mafia) just to name a few. As the music industry & sound is always changing stays relevant and offers many different genre of Beats: Rap Beats, Hip Hop Instrumentals, Dirty South Beats & even some Pop & R&B Instrumentals. We got more than 300 beats at so we doubt that you will not find what you need but if you do you can always come back later as we are uploading new tracks constantly.

Non Exclusive rap beats

If you are an independent artist and you're not working with a big budget then you will probably want to lease Non Exclusive Rap Beats. You can lease many Non Exclusive Rap Beats with a low budget, record to the Non exclusive rap beats & later you still have the option to buy exclusive rights to the beats. Don't get it twisted & don't think this is a bad look because you will be surprised how many artists leases Non Exclusive Rap Beats before their songs becomes Big, gets radio plays & have the opportunity to sign to a Record Label. So like most of superstarts nowadays (Wiz Khalifa,Drake,Young Jeezy,Soulja Boy,...) you gotta built from the Ground up & start on the internet & in the mixtapes market in order to get National and International Exposure.

Exclusive rap beats

If you don't like to lease Non Exclusive Beats then you can go buy Exclusive Rap Beats Directly from our beat player. On many Rap Beats selling website you can't buy Exclusive Rap Beats directly from the Beat player where they only offer the Leasing Non Exclusive Option or they will only Offer their wackest exclusive rap beats. How many times did you saw this non-sens? And they say you have to contact them for Pricing of Exclusive Rap Beats. And most of the time when you contact them they don't even respond when they see you are Unknown Artists that want Exclusive Rap Beats or they tell you a crazy Price to make sure you won't be able to afford their Exclusive Rap beats. The reason why they do this is because they don't want Underground artists to get Exclusive Rap Beats! They are keeping their Best Exclusive Rap Beats thinking that one day they will able to sell them to Major artists. At we play fair and treat everybody the same so we don't care if you are an Underground Rapper or if you are a Lil Wayne we will offer you the same Exclusive Rap Beats! The proof is the Swiss Boy's beats that were placed with major and upcoming artist's projects were also available as Exclusive Rap beats at before major artist's got them and used them for their mixtapes or albums. Plus Swiss Boy is a very talented & hard working producer so he is not scare to sell his best Exclusive rap beats because he will make another better one everyday.

Commercial Beats

On many Rap beats selling websites you will only hear rap beats that are loops that's not arranged and not even mixed. The beats at are Ready to be used which means they are Commercial Beats & Radio Ready. You will receive them in high quality mp3 or wave files. They are already arranged like Commercial Beats so they have an intro, parts for verses & parts for hooks. Some of them even have Hooks on them so you know what direction to go as soon as you hear the commercial beats. They are mixed so they will sound good in any device where you will play them: car, radio, computer speakers, Big Speakers, Headphones, Clubs,... They are also commercial beats because they are the type of instrumental that you will easily hear on radio, in the clubs or on major or underground albums & mixtapes.

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